Protein 90.5% Fat 3% Ash 2.5% Moisture 7.5%
1 unit


Beef Nose


Dog food. Delicious and nutritious natural beef nose snack designed especially for dogs. Made with high-quality ingredients and no artificial additives.

The meat is carefully selected and undergoes a dehydration process that preserves all its nutritional properties.

Cow snout is a natural source of high-quality protein, which makes it an ideal complement to your dog’s diet. In addition, it is low in fat, which contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Its crunchy consistency and irresistible aroma will make your dog devour it.

It is recommended for any dog since its texture will make it possible for any doggy to chew it.

The firm texture helps remove plaque and tartar, promoting better dental hygiene and preventing problems such as bacteria build-up and bad breath.

Dried beef snout can be offered as a reward during training, as an occasional treat, or simply as a healthy snack between meals.


Make your pet enjoy in a more natural way

At BIMORDISCOS we offer you 100% healthy and natural snacks for your pet.

We know you have a partner to take care and love.
That’s why these snacks are perfect for all kinds of dogs whether they are big or small, calm or crazier.
You’ll see that they’ll not be able to stop biting and licking these delicacies with an intense and pleasant smell for them.

Your dog will love to sniff and chew these snacks

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