Protein 53.0% Fat 13.0% Lactose 0.5% Ash 5.7% Moisture 10.6%
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Hard Cheese – Himalaya Recipe

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Dog treats. Our hard cow’s cheese, made with the authentic Himalayan recipe, is a delicious and healthy treat to pamper your faithful companion. Carefully made with natural and high-quality ingredients, this cheese has become one of the favorites of doggy lovers of intense flavors.

The extracted milk goes through a pasteurization process and is subsequently dried, obtaining a hard product, free of bacteria and 100% natural. Dehydrated product at low temperatures to preserve 100% of its properties. It is an important source of calcium and protein, essential to maintain strong and healthy joints.

Cow’s hard cheese is an excellent option for dog owners looking for a nutritious and tasty alternative to conventional treats. Made with farm cow’s milk and following the ancient tradition of the Himalayan mountains, this cheese is subjected to a slow and natural ripening process, which gives it its hard consistency and unique flavor.

Our hard cow cheese is a natural source of protein, calcium and other essential nutrients that contribute to the well-being and health of your dog. Being a natural product, it does not contain artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, which guarantees a safe and authentic taste experience for your pet.

The hard texture of the cheese is ideal for helping to maintain good oral health in dogs. When chewed, it promotes the removal of plaque and tartar, which can help prevent common dental problems. Additionally, the action of chewing the cheese can provide entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog, helping to satisfy its natural chewing instincts.

Whether you are training your dog, looking to reward him for his good behavior or just want to treat him to a healthy snack, our hard cow cheese is the perfect choice.

TIP! You can put the bar in the microwave to create a crunchy snack. Your doggy will love it!


Format: XS 2 units, S 2 units, M 1 unit, L 1 unit, XL 1 unit


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