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BIMORDISCOS chews will help your dog to take care of his teeth, take care of his mood and enjoy himself to the fullest.



chew types

Ram Horn

8,95 10,50 

Cattle Horn

4,95 9,95 

Buffalo Horn Bone


Olive Wood

4,95 9,95 

Ebony Wood

5,90 7,90 

Olive Wood with Salmon Oil

4,95 9,95 

Buffalo Horn

3,95 9,95 

Heather Root with Salmon Oil

3,95 9,95 

Fallow Deer Antler

9,95 15,95 

Deer Antler

5,95 16,50 

Split Deer Antler

5,95 12,90 

Olive Bone

5,90 7,90 

Tree Root

3,95 12,50 

Why choose a natural chew?

Rich in protein and minerals

Olive o salmon oil impregnated chews

Reduces stress and anxiety

The chew is essential to reduce stress levels

Take care of your pet's chew

Products that do not splinter, safe and that will leave your partner’s chew perfect.

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