Size: L 14,5 cm

The Beep Bone dog toy is a chew made with resistant natural rubber and food coloring, so it does not contain any type of harmful substance for your pet.

This toy contains a beep inside that will attract your furry friend’s attention and animate him to continue playing.

In addition Beep Bone is made with a series of rubber reliefs that help improve dental hygiene.


  • The use of toys provides your pet with entertainment and fun that promotes mental stimulation, as well as maintaining healthy teeth.
  • Toys with sound generate sensory stimulation, since it involves touch, hearing, sight and smell.

Maintenance: Natural rubber toys should be cleaned after each use, especially if food has been put inside them. For this we will simply wash the toys with soap and water, avoiding abrasive chemicals or strong cleaners.


un perro blanco aparece con toda la gama de mordedores para perros en forma de hueso
Toy for dog. It is recommended to choose a suitable size for your dog to ensure his safety and comfort during play. Precautions: As with any pet product, it is important to supervise the dog while he chews and to ensure that he always has access to fresh water. If your dog has any dental or health problems, check with your vet before giving him any type of chew or supplement.
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