Size: Ø 12 cm

The Dental Ring toy is a chew made with resistant natural rubber and food coloring, so playing with it does not pose any risk to your pet.

It has enough resistance and size to be able to play with your pet and stretch with it.

Dental Ring is made with a series of rubber reliefs that help clean and massage your pet’s teeth.


  • Providing durable rubber toys to your pet is a great decision as it will eliminate boredom for your pet forever.
  • Natural rubber toys have a perfect texture to bite and generate a pleasant sensation in your pet, which will help calm them.

Maintenance: Natural rubber toys should be cleaned after each use, especially if food has been put inside them. For this we will simply wash the toys with soap and water, avoiding abrasive chemicals or strong cleaners.


un perro blanco aparece con toda la gama de mordedores para perros en forma de hueso
Toy for dog. It is recommended to choose a suitable size for your dog to ensure his safety and comfort during play. Precautions: As with any pet product, it is important to supervise the dog while he chews and to ensure that he always has access to fresh water. If your dog has any dental or health problems, check with your vet before giving him any type of chew or supplement.
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