Our history

It all started in a store selling animal products, when we were looking for a toy for our Gulf dog (a small Westie). We realized that everyone in the store was artificial. How would we give such a thing to a being we love so much? We began to think what we could do to solve this, and we saw that there are many natural elements with which Golfo could play without danger.

The first thing we found was the deer antler, which we gave to our professional taster to see his assessment, and ... he loved it! Then we thought that if the deer antler had liked it so much, so would the horns of other animals, and so it was.

In this way BioMordiscos was born, a company in which we thought we should not give animals what we would not bite or eat ourselves. Since then, we are constantly researching to have a greater variety of natural products. Because we are not only concerned about the welfare of dogs and cats, we also think about expanding our line of natural products for other animals.