Liquorice root/ paloduz dog chew – 100% natural

Do you want your pet to play with a completely natural product? There are many artificial toys and which are hardly beneficial for our pet's health available on the market, reason why Bio Mordiscos offers various snacks and a wide range of 100% natural dog chews with which you can entertain your pet in a safe and healthy fashion: deer and fallow deer antlers, buffalo and bovine horn, briar root, fish skin ... Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.

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Our liquorice roots, of Spanish origin, are selected and inspected individually in a comprehensive quality control.
The roots are subsequently cut and dried.
The sweet taste of this root, without added sugars, and is naturally appealing to your dog.
From among its properties it should be noted that it is antibacterial, an expectorant and prevents infections of the digestive system.
This product is not just a passing trend as animals have always had a chewing instinct for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.
It also helps to reduce stress in your pet.

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