Welcome to Bio Mordiscos!

Hello Teethers, first of all, thank you for visiting us and spend a bit of your time on our website, and, second, wish that this blog is to your liking, although if you love animals as much as we do, we are sure you will love it

That said, let's move on to the presentations, my name is Juan and I'll tell you what Bio Bites is and what the theme of this blog will be.

Bio Mordiscos was born from the need to provide our small Gulf dog with natural toys, since in our country the most normal thing is to find plastic items, which in our opinion would be harmful to their health and even dangerous. We found several interesting products, although we decided to try the deer antler.

We were totally amazed, since not only were we faced with a toy that entertained our dog and de-stressed him, but we also observed that we managed to improve his bad breath problem. We continued in the investigation and new products emerged, antlers of buck, buffalo horns, briar and olive wood teethers ...

A whole arsenal of natural toys, suitable for both small and large dogs, puppies and elderly and rich in protein and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron ... and that also enchants dogs. Would not this be the result of some kind of magic? Well ... the answer is no, because they are totally natural instincts of animals, seeking to clean their teeth. (We'll talk more about this in the next blog article).

This is how the idea of ​​creating a company that allowed us to live with what we are passionate about, help to improve the health of pets and spread the idea that there are natural toys.

Our slogan is:

We will never give anything to our pets that we would not be able to put in our mouths

and if you agree with us, I welcome you to Bio Bites blog, since this will be the subject of this one. By the way, I would recommend that you subscribe to not miss any of our articles.

Greetings, and until next time, Teethers!