The great benefits of canine chewing

Hello Teethers, in line with the previous article, where we briefly discuss the animal instincts of chewing to calm down and maintain good oral hygiene, today we will investigate the subject, explaining the benefits of this, and the products that Bio Mordiscos puts at your disposal to get it.

First, let's talk about the scientific explanation of why dogs manage to calm down thanks to chewing. The endorphins, located in the nerve endings, are released by the hypothalamus in situations of excitation, thus transmitting from neuron to neuron feeling of well-being and placidity. It is the same feeling that humans feel when they exercise, eat chocolate or have sex. There are many types of toys for dogs to calm down chewing, but in Bio Mordiscos we offer only natural and beneficial. We have antlers of antlers and horns, heather roots and olive wood among others.

Second, we must highlight the "toothbrush" effect offered by our natural chewers. Canids tend to accumulate a lot of tartar, which leads to bacteria, gum infections and bad odor. Luckily chewers do their hygienic function, so you will avoid future visits to the veterinarian to make uncomfortable oral cleansings for your dog. One of our flagship products are deer bones, which have a great cleansing effect and also nourish dogs with protein and calcium. Nature is wise!

Finally, I would like to disprove the myth that this type of teether is dangerous. We always recommend our clients to supervise their pets while they play with our products, not because they are dangerous in themselves, but because like any other toy (whether natural or not), it could be swallowed.

With this I say goodbye until the next article, where we will teach you a new product of olive wood. A whole delicatessen that your canids will love.

Greetings Teethers!