Protein 65.0% Fat 20% Ash 3% Moisture 12%


Beef Tripe · 100g

3,20 7,90 

This snack is rich in essential nutrients, such as high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential for the development and maintenance of good health in dogs.

In addition, beef tripe is a natural source of fiber, which contributes to digestive health, helping to regulate intestinal transit and promoting better nutrient absorption.

Beef tripe contains a large amount of digestive enzymes and probiotics that help maintain proper digestive health.

One of the highlights of beef tripe is its high collagen content.

Collagen is a protein that plays a vital role in the health of your dog’s joints, bones, skin and fur.

By including beef tripe in your pet’s diet, you help keep their joints strong and flexible, promote healthy skin and a shiny fur.


Make your pet enjoy in a more natural way

At BIMORDISCOS we offer you 100% healthy and natural snacks for your pet.

We know you have a partner to take care and love.
That’s why these snacks are perfect for all kinds of dogs whether they are big or small, calm or crazier.
You’ll see that they’ll not be able to stop biting and licking these delicacies with an intense and pleasant smell for them.

Your dog will love to sniff and chew these snacks

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