Protein 75.05% Fat 8.96% Ash 3.21% Moisture 12.57%


Camel Skin · 100g

3,75 10,50 

Dog treats. The camel skin is an ideal option to offer your doggy something different and tasty. Camel skin is naturally rich in protein and essential nutrients, making it a tasty and healthy food.

Its hard, resilient consistency helps promote good dental health, as the chewing process helps clean teeth and massage gums, thereby reducing plaque buildup and bad breath.

Also as it is a long-chewed snack, it helps to satisfy the natural instinct of dogs to bite and chew, which is especially useful for those dogs who tend to get bored easily or who need to keep their jaws occupied.

Our Camel Skin Snack is made with top quality ingredients and does not contain artificial additives, colorings or preservatives.


Make your pet enjoy in a more natural way

At BIMORDISCOS we offer you 100% healthy and natural snacks for your pet.

We know you have a partner to take care and love.
That’s why these snacks are perfect for all kinds of dogs whether they are big or small, calm or crazier.
You’ll see that they’ll not be able to stop biting and licking these delicacies with an intense and pleasant smell for them.

Your dog will love to sniff and chew these snacks

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