Toy from sustainable collection ­čî┐

This toy is subjected to an exhaustive quality and safety control.

All its edges are rounded to avoid injuries ÔÇô NO SPLINTERS. Helps to eliminate BAD BREATH.

Elastic Bone

5,90 8,90 

Because it’s a natural product, the pieces purchased may be different in shape from the┬á the images. Also, our products are based on weight, not size.


Make your pet enjoy in a more natural way

At BIMORDISCOS we have a wide variety of natural chews, such as deer antler, fallow deer, buffalo horn, olive wood, heather root and many more, with which we ensure maximum fun for your pet, because for us is our priority.

We have several sizes of each product to ensure a suitable size for each breed of animal.

Your dog will love to sniff and bite

  • Bone made with natural rubber, edible, non-toxic.
  • Elastic and flexible material, therefore, not as durable as our ETERNAL BONE.
  • Help cleaning the mouth and eliminating tartar, combat stress, anxiety and training your pet.
  • Ideal for puppies and elderly dogs (of all sizes).
  • We have another harder bone, called ETERNAL BONE, perfect for dogs with a strong jaw.
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